Rain All Day Books in sunny Fortuna, CA is for sale. The successful used bookstore is located in the heart of downtown, on a block fully occupied with thriving local businesses.

The store has been in operation for 13 years; has a wide, dedicated customer base; an eclectic collection; and a dedicated staff.

“What I value most about my time in this store is the relationships that I have had the opportunity to cultivate and sustain. The very best of people come into bookstores and it has been a delight and an honor getting to know this community. I am searching for the person or people who will love and nurture this store, as it has nurtured me.” -Monica Hubbard, Owner and Founder, Rain All Day Books.

The asking price is $45,000. For sales details please be in contact with Sally Conley, BRE# 01143127, Cornerstone Realty 707-725-6336.

The store’s website,  www.rainalldaybooks.com, has photos, information, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Monica can be reached at the bookstore on Saturdays from 11-5, 707-725-5600 or by email at rainalldaybooks@hotmail.com

Thank you!



Why are you selling?

After 13 years I am ready for a new challenge! I went back to school, started a family, and am excited about the next chapter (pun entirely intended).


Will I get rich?

Absolutely not! The store has been profitable for every single one of its 13 years of operation, but will not fund your vacation house in Bali. The ideal setup is to have the owner do most of the day-to-day operation with part-time help as desired. A large payroll will cut into your profits considerably.


Where do you get your books?

Almost exclusively from our customers! This store was started with an ethos of re-use, and though we do have a new book distributor, the business model (along with common sense) relies on trade-ins. We follow an industry standard of offering ½ of our selling price in store credit or ¼ of our selling price in cash. We made the decision early on to allow customers to apply store credit to 100% of the cost of any used book sales, but many bookstores choose to restrict that amount somewhat. That would be up to you.


Does the store have any debt?

The only debt the store carries is the current credit owed to customers for their trade-ins, as well as some gift certificates that have been purchased but not redeemed. Up-to-date values can be provided upon request. As these debts represent the most dedicated repeat customers of the store, any purchaser would be wise to continue to honor them.


Why isn’t a member of the staff buying the store?

Owning a business like this one requires a dedication of purpose as well as funds that not everyone is prepared or interested in taking on.


Is the building for sale?

Nope! Our landlords are fantastic individuals with a long history of ethical stewardship of their retail properties. They are willing to write a generous lease, or month-to-month rent, whichever you prefer. The building is well-lit, inexpensive to heat, and beautifully maintained.


All I want to do is sit around and read all day. Can I?

Sadly, no. There is quite a bit of bustle involved with this work! Buying books can be quite physical, so you should anticipate lifting boxes, cleaning books, getting on and off the floor, organizing, alphabetizing, and socializing. Typically there is a steady stream of one or two customers at a time throughout the day, and while sometimes there is downtime, there is always something to do. However! You do get first crack at all the stock, so there are endless opportunities to hoard your favorites or discover new obsessions.


Can I live there?

Sorry, Cotton Malone, this building is retail only. However, Fortuna is a very livable small city, with plenty of housing, grocery stores and restaurants within walking distance, and is a short drive from the county seat of Eureka as well as Arcata, the home of Humboldt State University, with all of its attendant cultural and people-watching opportunities.


What is there to do in the area?

Do you like breathing air? This is a coastal community with fresh, clean air; a temperate climate; old-growth redwoods; rivers; rain; enough sun to grow tomatoes but not enough for oranges; a thriving theater community; and lots of nice people. Nightclubs? Not so much, but guaranteed you will have plenty of books to read!